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I let my commentary migrate away from LiveJournal (and, for that matter, languish on Dreamwidth, as I note in the edited version of this 2015 post) because the conversation I started with myself seems to have been evolving in parallel strands in the worlds of academia, and since none of the other scholars clawing their way up Mount Analogue ever read this journal (and if they did, I invite them to e-mail me to that effect or private-message me on some other social media), it is difficult to continue to bore my handful of friends with my usual topics. The friends-only summary I offered of my essay for a European university press met, as I expected, with zero response. (It doesn't help, of course, that it was so tedious in its condensed version that I myself couldn't get through it.)

I find essay-length posts on my friends page that cry out to be collected into an eminently publishable book; but as Basar, Coupland, and Obrist write in The Age of Earthquakes, their update for the digital age of McLuhan and Fiore's The Medium Is the Massage, "Your blog is now one of seven billion blogs." Which is a witticism, since it only seems like every human being now alive on earth has a blog. In fact, some of them only use Snapchat.

I have been somewhat more active on, which people tell me they actually follow (and thank me for).
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